Impact Sculpture
Impact Sculpture Eddie Resera

"Impact" sculpture

Like many of my previous designs, also IMPACT is based on tension.

Not just the physical tension, but symbolic tension between poor and rich worlds, between the powerful few and the struggling majority of this one small planet.

" The paradox of the world, the sadness of the unfortunate ones in the high buildings, who a minute ago were considered the fortune ones. The innocent people on the other side of the world whose lives changed or ended after the incident of the buildings in the city they never saw. "

Impact sculpture

The sculpture itself is made out of small pieces of Jarrah, symbolizing individual's effort to make change. Together, they form the branches of the sculpture, reaching out at various angles signifying the various opinions, beliefs, religions and truths together creating an unrecognised harmony. The shiny aluminum profiles might be seen as the Twin Towers and symbolize the human desire for bigger and higher things. The spine of the sculpture and its captured movement represents time.

Additional Info

Jarrah, stainless steel, aluminum
September 2001
for sale. Please contact me
mm x mm x mm
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